Our latest KYB study – Paul’s Life and Teaching: Compelled by Christ’s Love

Compelled by Christ’s Love explores the Apostle Paul’s life by looking at events in the book of Acts and at Paul’s own words in the letters he wrote.

These letters reveal Paul’s heart, motivations, teaching, example – and the glorious grace of the God who called him. This man once tried to kill and imprison those who followed Jesus! But when he met the risen Lord Jesus, his life was completely turned around. Paul was certainly not perfect. Yet God chose him and used him to impact the early church – and believers down through the centuries. Paul’s words and example can impact us, too. As we look at Paul’s life, we can appreciate God’s boundless grace, and come to know the Lord better.

What people are saying….

‘The story of Paul’s life is truly amazing.’ 

‘The study has enriched our understanding of the divine authorship of Paul’s words.’

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