The blessing of Easter

This Easter in Australia is probably very different to the ones we might remember. But while our present circumstances change, the truth and the reality of the most significant event in human history  does not.

Our Creator died for his creation, then he rose from the grave to defeat sin and death, to restore people’s relationship with God and give them eternal life with him forever. In uncertain times, what incredible hope we have, and how firm the foundation of our faith!  

In our upcoming KYB Study for Term 2 2020 we will be studying Gospel and growth: Acts 1–12. Let’s have a taste of some of the truths and events we will discover in this study about the hope of Easter.

Good Friday

It is finished.

These were Jesus’ final words, recorded in John 19:30.

As we remember Jesus’ death this Good Friday, we remember that the tragic story of an innocent man wrongly accused and executed was not an accident. Because of his great love for the world, God had planned this from the beginning — and all to reconcile people to himself.

In Acts 3, the Apostle Peter had learnt this wonderful truth and proclaimed it boldly in the courts of God’s temple.

“Peter challenged his listeners. God had promised Abraham that all nations would be blessed through him. The Scriptures they knew so well pointed to the Messiah who would heal and deliver (Isaiah 35:4b–6). So God sent Jesus, Abraham’s descendant. Jesus was the Messiah predicted by the prophets throughout Israel’s history. He would turn people from their wicked ways (Acts 3:26), and would suffer and die for the sins of his people (v 18, see also Isaiah 53). Then God would raise him to life again. Peter powerfully proclaimed that all of these promises which all Israel had been waiting for were now being fulfilled.”  KYB Gospel and growth: Acts 1–12, Unit 3, Review Notes

In these extraordinary times, how does the message of Easter bring you comfort and hope?

Easter Sunday

He is risen!

Around Australia today churches will be unusually empty. But the message of Easter Sunday is: so too was the grave!

The grave was empty so that the church — the family of believers — could be filled with the Holy Spirit  

Because of Easter, because Jesus died and rose again, believers are forgiven and we have new life in Jesus through the Spirit’s power. And we too can now testify to the impact of Jesus’ resurrection in our lives.

“What was it that these early disciples were witnesses to? To the truth of the Scriptures that foretold the coming of the Messiah. To his suffering, his crucifixion, his resurrection and his ascension — all affirming that Jesus is indeed God’s anointed Messiah. They would declare the good news of God’s kingdom coming; of sins forgiven through faith in Jesus’ atoning death; and of new life in him through the power of his Spirit. And, not least, they would testify to their own experience with the risen Lord Jesus.” — KYB Gospel and growth: Acts 1–12, Unit 1 Review notes

What a blessing Easter is!